Home Owners Policy Program

Provides package coverage for residences, private structures, personal property, additional living expense and personal liability. Standard form, broad form and special form coverage is available. Standard deductible is $250 with higher deductibles available for credit. Optional property coverages available for additional premium include increased limits to personal property and private structures, glass breakage, debris removal extension and higher limits on certain property.

Farm Owners Policy Program

Provides package coverage for residences, personal property and additional living expense with the option of basic, broad or special peril group form. Available coverage includes barns, buildings & additional dwellings, farm personal property, farmers comprehensive personal liability, farm machinery and livestock. Some optional coverages available are replacement cost coverage, collapse due to weight of ice & snow, dairyman’s loss of earnings, refrigerated food products and farm extra expense.

Dwelling Fire / Farm Fire Policies

Provides fire coverage for residences. For an additional premium related private structures, personal property, wind, vandalism, loss of rent and liability coverage are available. $100 deductible is standard with credits for increased deductibles. Farm structures and Inland Marine (farm machinery & livestock) coverage are available under the Farm Fire Program.

Landlords Package

Provides package coverage for residences, related private structures and additional living expense & loss of rents for up to 4-family residences. The basic form provides coverage for fire/lightning, windstorm/hail, riot/civil commotion, sudden & accidental damage from smoke, explosion, aircraft and vehicle. Broad and special form coverages are available for an additional premium. Premises liability (OL&T) coverage is available up to $1,000,000 limit and personal liability is available for 3 or 4-family owner-occupied homes. The standard deductible is $250 with higher deductibles available for credit.

Business Owners Policy

Provides coverage for small to medium sized businesses and offices for both building and business property and owner or tenant-occupied. Standard and deluxe policies are available with coverages such as accounts receivables and exterior signs included in the deluxe policy but optional and subject to additional premium in a standard policy. Both Premises/Operations Liability and Business General Liability are available.

Special Multi Peril Policy

Provides both property and liability coverage. Basic property coverage includes fire/lightning, removal, explosion, windstorm/hail, riot/civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles and sudden & accidental damage from smoke. Optional coverages are available.

Commercial Fire Policy Program

Provides coverage for commercial buildings and business property along with liability coverage. Basic form coverages are as listed above under Special Multi Peril. For additional premium broad and special forms are available. Some examples of available classes are clubs, churches, fruit/vegetable stands and laundries.

Artisans Contractors Package

Provides property and liability coverage for classes such as cabinet making, carpet/floor covering installation, electricians, janitorial/cleaning, masonry, plumbing, etc. Coverage for business property is provided on Basic Form SF1-WV with Inland Marine coverage available for additional premium. $250 deductible applies, with credits available for higher deductibles.

Home Business Vendors Policies

Provides $2,500 business property and $300,000 CSL Liability (including products) coverage with $1,000/$10,000 medical payments to others. Additional property limits (up to $10,000) are available as are increased liability limits. Some eligible classes are: arts/crafts, fresh produce, home-baked goods, jams/jellies and wood products.